Mothers Against Police Brutality denounces deadly police brutality and vigilante violence against African-Americans: “We must end this annual wave of official killings!”

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PRESS STATEMENTMay 27, 2020 Contact:Mothers Against Police BrutalityCollette Flanagan, collette@mapbdallas.comJohn Fullinwider, 214-683-2493, jhfullinwider@gmail.comSara Mokuria, 214-454-3980, saramokuria@gmail.com Mothers Against Police Brutality The killings of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, Breonna Taylor by police in Louisville, the killings by... READ MORE

Giving in Memoriam

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If you would like to give in memory of a specific victim of police brutality please choose a victim’s name of your choice by filling in their name here. Donate In Honor Of: READ MORE

Thank You Snoop Dogg & Colin Kaepernick!

“It’s no secret that Uncle Snoop Dogg has transcended into global mega-stardom and even though he’s busier than ever, our brother still finds time to give back to the Community in so many ways. Like a true OG, Uncle Snoop didn’t even flinch when I reached out to him about being part of my #MillionDollarPledge. Snoop and I are each donating $10,000 for a total of $20,000 to Mother’s Against Police Brutality.

Mothers Against Police Brutality (MAPB) formed to unite mothers who have lost their children to police violence. MAPB is the new voice for justice for victims of police brutality and deadly force. They are a multi-racial, multi-ethnic coalition uniting mothers nationwide to fight for civil rights, police accountability, and policy reform.

With such an alarmingly disproportionate number of African American and Hispanic men and women killed by police, it’s obvious why Snoop chose this organization. Thank you, Uncle Snoop for everything that you have done, and have yet to do, in entertainment as well as the community. Much continued success to you my brother. See all the donations thus far on kaepernick7.com and check tomorrow to see who’s joining me to donate!”

Colin Kaepernick