Mothers Against Police Brutality works to:

  • Unite and support Mothers and families nationwide whose children’s lives have been stolen and who have suffered injustice at the hands of local police.
  • End the killing of unarmed and mentally ill persons by law enforcement personnel.
  • Change police deadly force policies, practices, and training.
  • Hold police accountable through independent investigations of misconduct, brutality and homicide by police officers.
  • Help restore trust between police and the communities they are sworn to serve and protect.

MAPB Fall Workshop Series


September 13 – Dallas is America’s Greatest Untold Story of Police Brutality
You’ll learn about our city’s 4-decade history of unaccountable police use of deadly force.

September 20 – Know Your Rights
Find out your rights when you are confronted with local Police, ICE, FBI or you name it.

September 27 – Grand Jury & Trial Jury: How You Can Help deliver Justice
Skilled attorneys will teach you how to serve effectively on either a grand jury (which issues indictments) or a trial jury.

October 4 – Stride Toward Justice – 9 Steps to Change Policing in America
There is a way forward. Come hear MAPB’s proposals for fair and just policing locally, statewide and thrroughout the country.

Free & Open to All.

South Dallas Cultural Center
3400 S. Fitzhugh Ave.
Dallas, TX 75210

For info, call 214.454.3980.

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Action to End Police Violence Against the Public

  1. Special, independent, federal prosecutors in all police shooting cases.
  2. Drug testing of officers after involvement in police shooting.
  3. Improved psychological evaluations of officers including evaluation of bias.
  4. Officers involved in shootings taken off patrol until all investigations are completed; no special treatment of officers as either suspects or witnesses.
  5. Compensation for victims of police violence and their families.
  6. Body cameras required for all officers; access to video of deadly force incidents by suspects, their families, and the public.

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