“Dear Mama: Extended Children” Letters Collaboration with Campaign for Black Male Achievement

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  1. The Campaign for Black Male Achievement has partnered with Mothers Against Police Brutality (MAPB) for “Dear Mama: Extended Children Letters,” a letter-writing campaign to women who have lost their children — both sons and daughters — to police or state violence.

Write a Letter

Learn more about the “Dear Mama: Extended Children” project and submit your letter here >

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Receive a Letter / Share your Story

If you would like to  receive a letter or to share you or your family’s story, please fill out the form below.

Did you lose a child or family member to police brutality?


Additional Information: (If available)

  1. Diane Capobianco

    I’m in! I know I’m a white, female privileged. I’ve never sent a black son to the grocery & had to worry. I want to donate to this long over due, very worthy cause.

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